· Congress moves to restrict embattled Architect of the Capital

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Congress moves to restrict embattled Architect of the Capitaltext

Congress is taking steps to limit the powers of the Architect of the Capitol, who is currently facing controversy and criticism.text

The      top Democrat and Republican on the Senate Rules Committee introduced  legislation to make it easier for Congress to remove the Architect of the  Capitol from office.

– The  legislation would allow for the dismissal of the Architect by      "impeachment or joint resolution of Congress" in cases of  permanent disability, inefficiency, neglect of duty, malfeasance; or  a felony or conduct involving moral turpitude."

–Congress      seeks to have more capacity to evaluate the Architect of the Capitol's      performance.

The new legislation seeks to give Congress leverage and capability to remove the Architect

Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, the top Democrat on the Senate Rules committee, also sponsored the legislation

Klobuchar and Sen. Roy Blunt recently publicly called for Blanton’s resignation

A  CBS News review of the year-end spending plan to fund the federal  government reveals language was added to further restrict the Architect of      the Capitol's vehicle use.

The  legislation, signed into law last week, restricts vehicle usage for "home-to-work"    travel.

– The   legislation also limits the vehicle's usage to the Architect or a      "duly authorized designee."

– The      Architect of the Capitol's Inspector General said in a statement that its      probe found Blanton wasted $14,000 in taxpayer funds.