The future of Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, is uncertain.

Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader, is seeking support to become Speaker on January 3.

McCarthy has made a significant concession to the GOP caucus by making it easier to oust a House Speaker, a move he has previously opposed.

McCarthy has stated that in a new GOP-controlled chamber, there would be the opportunity to "vacate the chair" if five House Republicans support such a motion

Currently, a majority of the House GOP is required to call for a vote to remove the House leader from the chair.

Some hardline conservative GOP members have called for the five-person threshold, while more moderate members of the party have suggested it is too low and may weaken McCarthy's leadership.

Nine current and incoming House Republicans have signed a letter warning that McCarthy's election as House Speaker would be a "continuation of past and ongoing Republican failures."

The letter also urges McCarthy to throw out the current rules on how to depose a sitting speaker.

McCarthy needs 218 votes to be confirmed as the new House Speaker on January 3, but can only afford to lose four House Republican votes.

Nine Republicans who signed the letter have not indicated whether they will support McCarthy for Speaker.

There are a number of scenarios which could result in McCarthy being elected Speaker without a revote, even if he does not achieve a 218 vote majority.